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Read what people are saying about Fernando Physical Therapy, Inc. and then come in and see for yourself.

Hello Fernando,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your help during my long illness. Your professional help and kindness was truly appreciated.


Dear Dr. Figueroa,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise in the subject of orthopedic spine management with me and my fellow IRSC PTA students today. The opportunity to learn from experienced professionals like you is a very special gift, and very much appreciated.

Very sincerely,

Dear Fernando,

Thank you for all of your support and kindness the last 4 months.


Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers/ TC Palm
Figueroa has heart of gold

For months now, I tried to find help for my father with his pain after he hurt his back. We had gone to different providers to help. Then he met Fernando Figueroa, the physical therapist who was doing home visits to my grandfather.

He saw my father, who was in a wheelchair, and said, “Come to my office and let me see what I can do to help you.” For two weeks now, my dad went to his office every other day for therapy. Today, my father can walk with very little to no pain.

Dr. Figueroa helped my father out of the kindness of his heart. Words cannot explain how grateful we are. He has given my dad so much hope and has made such a difference.

He is not just a great physical therapist; he is a great person with a heart of gold. From the bottom of my dad’s heart, mine and my grandparents’, we can’t thank him enough for what he has done. He is a very special person to us and we hold him deeply to our hearts.

M.W., Stuart


Dear Fernando,

You have been a special person to me these past 10 years. I hold you in great respect and with fondness. I wish you continual success, good health, and a long life with your loving family.


Dear Fernando,

Your recommendation came highly from friends and you did not fail to impress us as well with your phenomenal skills. Thank you for your incredible gift to help those, “on the mend!” Giving inspiration to heal quickly is no easy feat and you it with aplomb! You are a great asset to your profession! Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives!

With Fond Regards,


I want to thank you for taking such good care of my mother-in-law. When people marvel at how well she’s doing, her answer is, “I had a great physical therapist.” Thanks again!

- MJ


Physical therapist deemed the best

May 18, my husband walked outside our home for the first time since Nov. 2, 2002. On that date, he suffered a massive heart, followed by congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Though we had a physical therapist, very little was done for fear of over-doing and we were told he would “rather err on the side of caution.”

After another trip to the hospital we eventually needed a physical therapist again. Fernando Figueroa came for an evaluation. He made arrangements to come and the visit did remarkable physical therapy on my husband. He also was unbelievably observant and told me that when my husband needed rest.

Thanks to my brother for making parallel bars for us.

Words cannot express the joy that I feel. Words cannot express to Fernando Figueroa, what a tremendous physical therapist that he is. He is such an encourager. As we have gone through almost 20 months of emotional turmoil, one could only imagine the amount of encouragement that we have needed. There were some weeks that I literally lived from one physical therapist visit until the next, because I knew that Fernando would be encouraging to both my husband and to me.

Without a doubt, Fernando Figueroa is the best physical therapist! I want to publicly thank you!
MB, Port St. Lucie



Thank you for your excellent service and thanks for your friendship.

- J & EQ

Dear Fernando,

When I met with Dr. Patel, we discussed PT and I will continue to follow your experience at home. You know how much I have appreciated your help with my recoveries! Best of luck in your new surroundings!



Congratulations to you and your team. Hope to see you soon.

- GL


There are good doctors out there

I am writing this, because I think “good stuff” should be in the paper more often.

On a getaway weekend to Sebring, I fell at a hotel and broke my right hip, March 12. On March 15, I was given a new hip and on March 19, I was transferred by ambulance to Waters’ Edge Rehab in Palm City.

On April 4, I went home to in home therapy with Fernando Figueroa. On April 19, I started patient therapy at Fernando Physical Therapy Services, Inc., three days a week, and I have progressed to a cane.

I have nothing, but the best to say about my surgeon in Sebring, Dr. Massam, for Waters’ Edge Rehab and the VNA who hooked me up with my wonderful therapist, Dr. Figueroa. Fernando is part of Fernando Physical Therapy Services, Inc., at 421 SE Osceola, Stuart. Their staff there is excellent, too.

I am a snowbird, and breaking a hip and having it replaced was not something I would relish doing anything soon, but the care I was given was fabulous.

I just want folks to know there are good places out there.

- FSP, Stuart

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